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not even an over reaction

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scoot scoot scoot

Look at this cute little fucker go

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This is so important to me.

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My favorite Legend of Zelda character Skullkid. I painted this a while back . Acrylic on watercolor paper .

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Five Baby Capybaras Born at Zoo Berlin

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Seriously though, if you don’t think asexual representation is important, you need to get educated, because it is really hard to live in a sex-centric culture and not be interested in sex. 

I have seen so many posts about finding out about asexuality after joining tumblr and you know what word almost all over them have in common? Broken. 

And that’s fucked up. 

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New York Comic Con 2014 sketch - X-23

commission list AND nycc sketch list are both open. for more info:

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literally the best fucking show on this entire planet

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