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If “White beauty standards” and “White privilege” is the reason black girls are stereotyped as trashy and unattractive, then why do I see this kind of stuff every time I dare venture to the grocery store? Hmm?

Question. Why do white people get to do crazy things at the store themselves? Why do they get to walk around with guns at Walmart and Target and not get shit for it? Why do white people think that a few people that do this makes the whole black race bad? Like, you crackers don’t like being generalized as “racists” and “bestiality lovers” so why this? Then you wonder why black people on tumblr make jokes about white people. Y’all deserve it so hard


Anotherwhite racist tried it and failed

this is so baffling? why are racist whites taking pictures of so called ‘ratchets and ghettos’ when really they are just black women existing.

The first picture is a dark skinned woman expressing herself through creative pink colored hair. Whites do this all the time but when a dark skinned black woman does it its a meme? Ok.

The second it a picture of a fat Black woman eating. Thats it. Shes enjoying her meal so the fuck what? Because shes fat and Black shes not supposed to eat fried chicken because of some white supremacist coon ideology? FOH!

The next picture is two women in bathing suits probably about to go swimming. I’ve literally seen white women walking around in bathing suits every fucking where. Is is a problem because they’re Black and fat? Ok….

The last picture is a Black woman going grocery shopping dressed in regular chill clothes. Is she supposed to look like a super model at the grocery store? Who the fuck dont jus throw on a hoodie n sweats jus to run to the store real quick? White ppl do this all the fucking time!

Like…. white people love to make fun of black people and black women especially for doing regular ass shit and act like its bizarre, ‘classless’, and ‘ratchet’. Cracka plz.

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My favorite Snoop Dogg looks compilation

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The bottle-green ocean

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“Destroy the idea that men should respect women because we are their daughters, mothers, and sisters. Reinforce the idea that men should respect women because we are people.”
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Acid attack survivors in India model new clothing range for powerful photoshoot

Survivors of acid attacks in India have become the face of a new clothing range designed by a woman who had acid thrown in her face while she was asleep four years ago.Delhi-based designer Rupa and her friends Rita, Sonam, Laxmi and Chanchal modelled the clothes from her new range, Rupa Designs, for photographer Rahul Saharan.

Rupa suffered extensive injuries when her stepmother threw acid in her face while she was sleeping in 2008.

She was allegedly left without any medical aid for six hours before her uncle found her and transported her to hospital, where she underwent eleven operations and spent three months being cared for.

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Hirunaka no Ryuusei

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“Feminism is not about who opens the jar.

It is not about who pays for the date. It is not about who moves the couch. It is not about who kills the bugs. It is not about who cooks the dinner. It’s not even about who stays home with the kids, as long as the decision was made together, after thinking carefully about your situation and coming to an agreement that makes sense for your particular marriage and family.

It is about making sure that nobody ever has to do anything by “default” because of their gender. The stronger person should move the couch. The person who enjoys cooking more, has more time for it, and/or is better at it should do the cooking. Sometimes the stronger person is male, sometimes not. Sometimes the person who is best suited for cooking is female, sometimes not. You should do what works.

But it is also about letting people know that it is okay to change. If you’re a woman who wants to become stronger, that’s great. If you’re a man who wants to learn how to cook, that’s also great. You might start out with a relationship where the guy opens all the jars and the girl cooks all the meals, but you might find that you want to try something else. So try it.”

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"how does pizza sound for dinner?"image

"can you call to order it?" image

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New cover for the 6th issue of Storm for Marvel. I wanted to create a picture more funny than iconic this month.